Magnesium Food Sources

If you’re suffering from migraines, stress, insomnia, fibromyalgia, PMS or menstrual cramps, it may be helpful to try and incorporate more magnesium into your diet. Research shows us that these are just some of the conditions that can be helped by increasing magnesium intake. Magnesium helps by relaxing the blood vessels, nervous system and tight muscles. It truly is the relaxation mineral! Here is a great list of foods you can eat with high levels of magnesium.

I recommend getting your magnesium primarily from food, instead of just supplements.

Here are some foods with the highest amounts of magnesium:


Food                               Serving size          Daily Value                                           

Pumpkin Seeds             0.25 cup                  45%

Spinach                          1 cup                        37%

Swiss Chard                   1 cup                       36%

Soybeans                       1 cup                       35%

Sesame Seeds               0.25 cup                 30%

Black Beans                   1 cup                       29%

Quinoa                           0.75 cup                  28%

Cashews                        0.25 cup                  28%

Sunflower Seeds          0.25 cup                  27%

Beet Greens                  1 cup                       23%

Navy Beans                   1 cup                       23%

Pinto Beans                   1 cup                       20%

Brown Rice                    1 cup                       20%

Oats                                0.25 cup                 16%

Almonds                        0.25 cup                 15%

Green Peas                   1 cup                       13%

Summer Squash          1 cup                       10%


Dietary magnesium is absorbed much better than supplements. So, if you don’t mind making some small changes or additions to your diet, you can effectively get ample magnesium through the food you eat.



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