Can Acupuncture help my Migraines?

In my practice I hear this question a lot, “Can acupuncture help my migraines?” I always explain to patients that all of us are different and that results vary with everyone.

In my experience however, the answer is yes!

Not only is this answer supported by various clinical studies identifying acupuncture as an effective therapy for migraines, but clinically I have seen my own patients find significant and lasting migraine relief from the use of Acupuncture.

I also personally know all to well the debilitating effects that migraines can have on your life. I used to suffer from migraines, and I have watched many family members suffer as well. Acupuncture helped me and it can help you too.

Most migraines can be greatly improved in frequency and intensity with acupuncture and natural medicine. Below I’m going to share a handful of simple approaches that can make a huge difference. Here they are:

Of course, number one on the list is Acupuncture. Most migraine cases can be improved with acupuncture alone.

Other ways to help with migraines:

  • Clean up your diet – cutting down or out sugar, processed foods and chemical filled foods. At the same time eat a healthier diet which is focused on whole foods and is plant based as much as possible.
  • Try Magnesium. Several studies show that many migraine sufferers have low levels of magnesium. Add more magnesium rich foods to your diet like pumpkin seeds, cashews, quinoa, black beans, spinach and other dark leafy greens.
  • Get regular exercise. 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is ideal. But just start somewhere. Even a short walk around the block is still beneficial.
  • Stay well hydrated. Try and keep a large water bottle or mason jar with you and sip on it all day.
  • Reduce your stress. Try meditation, prayer or writing in a journal.
  • Get adequate sleep. Aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours per night.

It often takes a little shift in your life, but if you do incorporate all of these suggestions and do them consistently you should find improvements over time.

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