Acupuncture in Victoria BC

Welcome to Vancouver Island Integrative Medicine. VIIM is Victoria BC’s most comprehensive and premier Acupuncture pain care clinic. We specialize in Acupuncture treatment with a special focus in treating Migraines and Headaches, but we also treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions ranging from neck and back pain to arthritis and joint pain. We are here to guide you to achieve pain free living naturally. At VIIM we practice natural medicines that focus on assisting your body to improve and recover back to its normal function all while treating the body as a whole. We are dedicated to facilitating you in your path to better health, and we are deeply committed to providing you with exceptional care, ensuring your time with us is comfortable and relaxing. Through a detailed assessment we listen to your concerns and create a comprehensive treatment plan customized to address your individual needs to get you back to living pain free in the shortest time possible.

Can Acupuncture help my Migraines?

In my practice I hear this question a lot, “Can acupuncture help my migraines?” I always explain to patients that all of us are different and that results vary with everyone.

In my experience however, the answer is yes!

Not only is this answer supported by various clinical studies identifying acupuncture as an effective therapy for the treatment of migraines,

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Insomnia? Sleeping problems?

Some tips to help you sleep.

By Mark Bodnar – Acupuncturist

As a parent with young children it feels like I talk about sleep a great deal. I also encounter patients with sleep issues frequently in my practice. Not getting a good night’s rest makes everything in life more difficult. Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is a very common

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Suffering from Stress? Acupuncture can help!

By Mark Bodnar

Stress is something that more and more of my patients are experiencing daily and finding that it is interfering with their health and happiness. If you ask any health care professional they will agree that chronic stress is just no good for your body. Recently there have been several medical studies showing a relationship between high

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